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Same Old Same Old
Caitlin, Calculass
Well, the Mom and I are still here in Tokyo.  I have a bandage over my left eye, and we're waiting for the swelling -- the edema, I should say -- to go down, so that there's no unnatural pressure on my optic nerve.  Tomorrow, the bandage will come off, and I should be able to see! :DTokyo

I've been trying to keep my spirits up, but the suspense is killing me.  And my best material is bombing here!  I referred to the retina, which gathers light, as "the catcher in the eye," and nobody laughed; apparently they don't have to read Salinger in Japan.

Anyway, check it:  I've got this transceiver attached to my optic nerve, just behind my left eye.  When it's turned on, it'll grab the signals my retina is putting out and transmit them to this little external computer pack I'm supposed to carry around, like, forever; I called it my eyePod, and at least that made Dr. Kuroda laugh.  Anyway, the eyePod will reprocess the signals, correcting the errors in encoding, and then beam the corrected version to the implant, which will pass the information back to the optic nerve so it can continue on into that mysterious realm called -- cue scary music -- The Brain of Calculass!

Speaking of brains, I'm really enjoying the book I mentioned before:  The Origin of Consciousness Yadda Yadda.  And from it comes our Word of the Day(tm):  Commissurotomy.  No, that's not the wise but ancient leader of the Jellicle tribe from Cats (still my fave musical!).  Rather, it's what they call it when they sever the corpus callosum, the bundle of nerve fibers that connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain -- which, of course, are the two chambers of Jaynes's bicameral mind ...

Anyway, tomorrow we'll find out if my own operation worked.  Please post some encouraging comments here, folks -- give me something to read while I wait for the moment of truth ...

[And seekrit message to BG4:  check your email, babe!] 

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